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Aria Resturant , San Marcus offers quality Persian and Fresh Mediterranean dishes, with locally sourced ingredients and a elegant dining vibe. It’s beautifully-designed space positioned within a walkable distance from surrounding resorts in San Marcus, California  has a magnificent setting with an elegant yet unpretentious atmosphere.

Aria Resturant delivers when it comes to high end quality cooking from many cultures and attracts a very chic city crowd. It’s dining room, seating up to 120 people, while more can be accommodated out on private banquet room. For a romantic dinner.

The alcoholic beverage list begins with an interesting selection of local Beer and Wine with more than 30 different wines by the glass and verticals of high quality rosés.The wine list features reds, whites and a few different champagne choices by the glass, however there's far more variety by the bottle.

Gratifying foods include homemade yogurt and eggplant dips,
Beef-Koobideh on a bed of cherry-dotted Persian rice, the Saffron Chicken, Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi and the Khoresht Fesenjan, chicken stew with shredded chicken, pomegranate and walnuts.

End your meal with Persian tea, deliciously scented with cardamom, a homemade dessert of fresh baklava or saffron rose ice cream, and contemplate the restaurant’s greatest design element

Our philosophy is simple - food should be authentic, well crafted, and delicious. We practice this in everything we create, from our homemade Kabobs, our dip breads. 

The Aria ( Ariya -Arya
ārya/āryā Old Persian) is a term for an iconic Persian name that served as the backdrop for seasonal feasts and celebrations. Over time, the term itself has taken on a larger cultural significance: it refers to a gathering, a sharing, a place for family and friends to come together. You’re welcome to meet us there.

Enjoy your meal!”